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EightSquared is the 2013 UK National Science Fiction Convention in Bradford - 29th March to 1st April.

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Elsewhen Press is a small independent publisher specialising in Speculative Fiction. Based in the UK, in the South East of England, we publish titles in English in print and electronic editions. We love books, so we pride ourselves on the quality of our books, not only in terms of the content (which is down to the authors of course, although our editors feel they deserve some recognition too!), but also in terms of the quality of the finished book (the cover, layout, feel, smell, longevity and all those other qualities – tangible and intangible – that together define the final product that you hold in your hand) including electronic editions that are ultimately constrained by the features of the e-reader that you are using.

We are launching two titles at Eastercon this year: Jacey's Kingdom and Welcome to the Multiverse*

Welcome to the Multiverse*
* Sorry for the inconvenience
by Ira Nayman

Welcome to the Multiverse* is an hilarious science-fiction comedy novel follows the first case for Noomi Rapier, rookie investigator with The Transdimensional Authority – the organisation that regulates travel between dimensions.
Ira’s new novel is both a romp through multiple dimensions in a variety of alternate realities, and a gentle satire on fate, ambition and expectation. Ira is one of Canada's foremost and award-winning satirists, although he's not very well-known on this side of the Atlantic - so come along and meet him at the launch, to do your bit to change that!

Jacey's Kingdom
by Dave Weaver

Jacey’s Kingdom is an enthralling fantasy tale that revolves around a startlingly desperate reality: Jacey Jackson, a talented student destined for Cambridge, collapses with a brain tumour while sitting her final history exam at school. In her mind she struggles through a quasi-historical sixth century dreamscape whilst the surgeons fight to save her life. Dave Weaver has been writing for ten years, with short stories published in anthologies, magazines and online in the UK and USA. Jacey’s Kingdom is his first published novel. Come and meet him at the launch.

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