8Squared has ended

EightSquared is the 2013 UK National Science Fiction Convention in Bradford - 29th March to 1st April.

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Walter Jon Williams

Walter Jon Williams began publishing SF in the mid-1980s with Knight MovesHardwired and Voice of the Whirlwind. Since then books such as AristoiMetropolitanCity On Fire and Implied Spaces have been highly praised, and many of his novels and short stories have featured on Hugo and Nebula award shortlists; he won the 1996 Sidewise Award for ‘Foreign Devils’. In the ‘Dread Empire's Fall’ series Williams tackled epic space opera, whilst his most recent trilogy begins with This Is Not A Game, continues with Deep State and concludes with The Fourth Wall. Extrapolating near-future uses and abuses of technology in the worlds of online gaming and entertainment, he explores the blurring of lines between politics and celebrity in SF thrillers, shifting from wry humour to compelling menace with the turn of a page.